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Come join in our Interactive Festival and "Be Part of the Arts"!

May 4, 2019

10 am to 4pm

Carolina Beach Lake

Carolina Beach, NC

Carolina Beach Street Arts Festival


Join us as a volunteer. It's fun, it's good for the community too.

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Each year the Island Arts and Culture Alliance holds a Mardi Gras Art Auction to raise money to support our local artists and promote art and culture with our children and community.

The IACA’s flagship project is the annual Carolina Beach Street Arts Festival that hosts over 60 of region’s fine art and crafts artists. This event enables these artists to sell the artwork and raises awareness of value of local art and culture in our community.

As art programs continue to be scaled back in our schools due to decreased state funding, we work to ensure our children do not loose the opportunity to learn how the arts can impact their lives. Each year the IACA donates funds to the Carolina Beach Elementary School and Montessori School for their arts programs.  

In 2018 we were able to purchase 20 handmade ukuleles for the CB Elementary School music program and also supported DREAMS of Wilmington with funds for a pilot program for low income children on the island.

This year’s Art Auction is scheduled for February 28th, at the Courtyard Marriott on Carolina Beach beginning at 6:30 pm.